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#5 Brexit and the future immigration in the UK and EU





Podcast #5  Brexit and the future immigration in the UK and EU

How you can copy with two faces of shame “I am not good enough” and “Who do you think you are?”

How people from Central Eastern Europe can achieve success in UK and Europe?

What is the difference between educational system in UK and in Poland?

What kind of experience has Lloyd with immigrants who started to work in UK, what kind of advise he can share with people who think about move to UK?


Interwiev with Lloyd Broad

Head of European and International Affairs and Interim Head of Employment and Skills, Birmingham City Council

In 2013 Lloyd wrote a new European and International Strategy for Greater Birmingham which aims to provide enhanced strategic leadership, management and coordination of the city’s engagement around the world.

Since the spring of 2013 Lloyd also led on the development of a new EU Structural Investment Funds Strategy for Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP setting out the strategic priorities for spending €278 million for the period 2014-2020. Alongside the Leader of the Council, Lloyd is also leads on negotiations with the British Government on an enhanced role for cities in the management and delivery of these funds.

In September 2012, Lloyd was required to establish the new 'Greater Birmingham and West Midlands Brussels Office’. This new legal entity in Brussels continues Birmingham's representation in Brussels that began back in 1985. This office and service is managed by Lloyd and on-going partnerships and relationships with local and regional partners seek to enhance the visibility and influence in Birmingham in EU funding, policy and legislation.

In March 2018, Lloyd has also taken on the role of Interim Head of Employment and Skills managing a team of 30+ staff delivering employment and skills programmes with a value of over £50m

Over 30 years working in Local Government are supported by an MBA in Public Sector Management.


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